Laced Hair Company aims to be the #1 name in affordable Virgin Hair Extensions!  We offer high quality, 100% Virgin Hair that performs as promised, at a price you deserve!
We go above and beyond to ensure our customers never have to choose between cost & quality. Our 100% Virgin and Raw hair grades are single donor sourced, cuticle aligned and tangle free with very minimal shedding.The hair is soft, bouncy & luxurious, hold amazing curls ,can be easily customized with coloring up to #613 and can last up to several years with proper care! 
Our high quality collections cover every budget:
The DOLL Collection- The collection for our most budget-conscious Dolls who don’t want to break the bank to look fabulous. Sourced from multiple donors and cut to ensure cuticles are aligned to prevent tangling and shedding, this 9A grade hair is one of our top sellers!! 
The TRUE Collection-  Perfect for the Doll who likes to make a statement!  A step above our Doll Collection, contains the highest quality in 100% Premium Virgin hair sourced from a single donor and Cuticle aligned and full from top to bottom, with reinforced wefts for super soft and tangle free locks. Can be dyed up to a 613 without compromising quality and can be reused for multiple installs for up to 1 year or LONGER with proper care! The grade of this hair is 10A.
The RAW Collection- Our Virgin Indian Temple hair , highest quality hair we offer! . For the Doll with top tier taste, who knows her hair is a true investment. South from the temples of South East India, this hair is 100% unprocessed & collected from one donor. The cuticles are immaculate! This the finest, top quality hair you will ever invest in!

Take guesswork out of searching the internet for the best hair!
Contact us at info@lacedhairco.com, (312) 945-6233 or below  for more information!

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