Hair Grades Explained!



Great extensions are a great investment! Whether you want to play with textures, switch up your natural style or serve fierce weekly looks to your followers, hair extensions have become as neccessary and inseperable from us as even our phones!   However, many of us do not truly understood the difference between the hair grades used to make these hair extensions. This information can be extremely valuable when deciding which extensions buy based on your needs and most importantly, your BUDGET! 

So! We've decieded to make the process a bit easier by breaking the down the differences in hair grades available in most markets:

Grade 4A and 5A

This grade of hair is typically "Beauty Supply Store" hair. Often synthetic or mixed with synthetic fibers, this hair sheds and tagles terribly as it has stripped cuticles, is more on the thinner side and easily fuses with you actual hair, making it hard to get them off. If installing this hair grade, it is advisable not to go beyond 12 inches due to the amount of tangling and matting. 

Grade 6A

This is the quality that is used by most women. All its cuticle are aligned in one direction has medium thickness and can only be dyed to a medium blonde color. If taken good care of, such hair extensions should last you u to or 9 months.

Grade 7A

If on a budget, this is the hair to use for the wow factor.

Grade 7A has its cuticles aligned, tangles less, is thick and strong. It is recommended to use a detangling shampoo on such hair every 2-3 months for them to last you up to 12 months or longer if well taken care of. Check out our DOLL Collection to get this hair!

Grade 8A and 9A

This is virgin human hair, drawn from single donors. Its cuticles are intact and it has never undergone any chemical processing. It’s more expensive but worth every coin. One can safely color these grades to white without damaging the strands. It hardly tangles, making it very easy to maintain. Check out our TRUE Collection to get this hair!


This is the highest quality of hair extensions hence the most expensive. It’s collected from single donors whose hair does not have split ends. Its tangling and matting is actually less than that of your natural hair hence it requires minimal maintenance. If never processed and if well taken care of, our RAW hair can last for a very long time. Check our our RAW collection to get this hair!

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