Hair Grades Explained!

    Great extensions are a great investment! Whether you want to play with textures, switch up your natural style or serve fierce weekly looks to your followers, hair extensions have become as neccessary and inseperable from us as even our phones!   However, many of us do not truly understood the difference between the hair grades used to make these hair extensions. This information can be extremely valuable when deciding which extensions buy based on your needs and most importantly, your BUDGET!  So! We've decieded to make the process a bit easier by breaking the down the differences in hair grades available in most markets: Grade 4A and 5A This grade of hair is typically "Beauty Supply Store" hair. Often synthetic or mixed with synthetic...

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Why Laced HairCo. ?

The search for great, budget-friendly hair is an exhausting and expensive process! We aim to guesswork out of searching the internet for the best hair! Let’s end your search now!! Laced HairCo aims to be the #1 name in Affordable Luxury Hair. We offer high quality, 100% Virgin Hair that performs as promised, at a price you deserve! We go above and beyond to ensure our customers never have to choose between cost & quality. Our 100% Virgin and Raw hair grades are single donor sourced, cuticle aligned and tangle free with very minimal shedding.The hair is soft, bouncy & luxurious, hold amazing curls ,can be easily customized with coloring up to #613 and can last up to several years with...

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Products & Ingredients To Avoid

    It is important to use shampoos that are safe for virgin hair and will not dry them out. In this post, we’ll provide you with ingredients to avoid when choosing a shampoo.  Sulfates Are The Enemy Of Virgin Hair Extensions Most commercial shampoos contain sulfates, which are ingredients that strip the natural oil from the hair. For natural, growing hair, this is tolerable because your scalp will produce more oils. Obviously, this isn’t the case with virgin hair extensions. When your bundles become dry and brittle they are more susceptible to breakage, difficult to style, and tangle much more easily. Therefore avoid shampoos that contain: Ammonium Laureth Sulfate Sodium Laureth Sulfate Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Myreth Sulfate (the mildest...

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How To Wash & Maintain Your Hair

A Quick Guide On How To Wash & Maintain Your Laced Locks!   Luxury hair extensions are an investment.  Laced HairCo prides ourselves in providing the finest quality in raw and virgin textures. Howevever, even the finest quality, 100% Virgin hair requires proper maintenence to ensure long lasting, luxrious locks for as long as possible.    Our 100% virgin and Indian Remy locks are carefully selected and constructed in such a way that they’ll stay looking fresh and natural for hundreds of wears, provided you invest the time to care for them properly. Below are a few key tips for caring for your Laced locks! LACED LAWS FOR HAIR CARE   1. Co-Wash the hair.      ALWAYS wrap your hair...

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